Convert your fleet on CNG!

CNG - less expensive
than gasoline

Lower maintenance

No state road

Maximum vehicle

Maximum vehicle

Natural gas powers about 250,000 vehicles
in the United States and roughly 14.8 million
vehicles worldwide. Natural gas vehicles
(NGVs), which can run on CNG, are good
choices for high-mileage, centrally-fueled
fleets that operate within a limited area.
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What are the benefits of STAG autogas system?

Improve your fleet performance with STAG!

Elegantly Simple

Quality and safety

Autogas systems for vehicles are provided with a range of protections ensuring the safety
of the entire system. All components are compliant with DOT, EPA and NFPA


Precise calculation and the correct dosing of autogas to the engine, based on current engine parameter readings.


Made of steel or special, durable material for resistance against all mechanical damage.

Multi-valve LPG

A set of valves ensuring immediate gas shutoff in the case of tank line breakage.

STAG USA in service


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Installation should be performed only by trusted workshops.
Do not modify or repair installed systems.
Do not drill holes in the tank.
Do not use cigarette lighters to check the system tightness.


Many years of experience and the professional knowledge of the personnel at AC SA, the manufacturer of STAG brand LPG/CNG systems, result in a successful combination of innovative solutions with reliability and their easy operation. This translates directly to customer satisfaction by providing products offering top quality, environmental friendliness and a competitive price.

Competitive edge over other controllers:

1230 + Public CNG Fueling Stations